What People Say

Some people approach a visit to the dentist with anxiety and apprehension. These feelings are perfectly natural, and thanks to sedation dentistry, easily remedied. Now a trip to the dentist’s office can be relaxing and comfortable.


Read Patient Testimonials Below.

I was worried that getting all this work done was going to take a bunch of time and money. It turned out to be way faster and less costly than I ever imagined. Oh, and pain free. Dr. Schwarcz did a great job. I love it!
– Ira M.

“I was really nervous about what to expect when I went to the dental office. I have had some bad experiences in the past, but once I met the staff and the doctors, I was immediately calm. They were so nice and they really listened to me. They genuinely cared about my concerns and apprehensions. I am very, very satisfied with LifeSmiles.”
– Tom M

“Dr. Schwarcz and his associates took great care of me. They were so gentle with me and I was so comfortable that I couldn’t believe my implant treatment could be so easy. I highly recommend LifeSmiles.”
– Jenny M.

“My mother was in a lot of pain from ill-fitting dentures. I looked all over for a dentist with experience placing mini implants and happily found Dr. Schwarcz. He and his staff made my mother feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Schwarcz made sure the dental implants were a perfect fit and made my mother very happy. I took my mother out to dinner for the first time in years. She can now eat without any problems. Her quality of life has been improved immensely.”
Thank you Dr. Schwarcz for all your help.

“I had been to many dental offices and I was concerned about being able to afford the care that I really needed. I had tried the low cost clinic but was turned off by the impersonal and run down, low quality look of the facility. When I finally found out about LifeSmiles, and their affordable high quality care, I was relieved that I could get the dental implant care I needed without compromising the quality. They made it very affordable to me. They have monthly payment plans and their fees were very fair.”
– Roland S.

“I have always been embarrassed about the way my smile looked. I have always wanted to get it fixed but I never felt comfortable enough with my dentist to actually do something about it. At Life Smiles I felt so comfortable with the doctors and staff that I finally went ahead with my dental treatment. I now have the smile that I always wanted. I am so happy to have finally found Life Smiles, they made me feel so comfortable and confident.”
– Melissa T.

Mini Dental Implant Testimonial:

“I just wanted to thank the people that are responsible for this mini dental implant procedure. It has changed my life. I lost my teeth at the age of twenty-three and was never able to wear anything but a top plate. It affected my entire personality and therefore, the course of my life. I learned about the mini dental implant procedure by accident while looking at various dental subjects on my computer and decided to check in to it further.
I had the procedure done about seven months ago, and it’s wonderful. I really think it’s sad that more people don’t know about it, or do, but are afraid of it. “Dr. Stephen Schwarcz of Lifesmiles Dental Implant Center performed the procedure for me. The doctors there determined that there was enough bone left to hold the implants. Everything was gone in the back of my mouth, so they put six mini dental implants in the front. They are great!
I really thought there was no hope of ever being ‘normal’ again, especially after twenty-five years. The fact that this procedure is so affordable, and virtually painless to have performed, is something that the public should be made aware of. Had I not spent hours on my computer, I would have never known about it. I just wanted to share this life changing experience with others so they might be able to benefit from this procedure like I did.”

Thank you.