Smile Gallery

“I was worried that getting all this work done was going to take a bunch of time and money. It turned out to be way faster and less costly than I ever imagined. Oh, and pain free. Dr. Schwarcz did a great job. I love it!”

– Ira M.

“ Fantastic result. I can finally smile again. Thanks to Dr Schwarcz and his great staff I have my life back.”
– Glenn C.

“ I only wish I had fixed my teeth sooner.”
– Keith W.

“My friends can’t believe how I look. Dr. Schwarcz has changed my life.”
– James M.

“I absolutely love my new teeth and smile. Wish I had this done a long time ago!”
– Sandi S.

“I can tell you that the care I received here was excellent. I am very happy with the results. Having a nice smile has made so many positive changes to my life. I’d recommend having this kind of dental care for anyone who really wants to improve their life.”
– Michael R.

“My life was pretty badly affected by my bad teeth – constantly embarrassed and in pain most of the time. I am just thrilled beyond words with how my new smile has changed my life. I would have treated my dental problems sooner if I had known how having a great smile can really help in Life.”
– R.C.

“I was so depressed about the terrible condition of my teeth. It was affecting my life in so many negative ways. I had been terrified to go to the dentist before now but when I heard of Dr. Schwarcz’s sedation dentistry method I made an appointment. I am so happy I did. My smile, and my life, are back on track.”
– Tracy M.

“I always hated the gap between my front teeth. Now that I have my new veneers all of my teeth are lined up and the color is great. My friends were blown away by how nice they turned out. Now they all want to do their teeth! I’m really happy with the results.”
– Ernesto C.

“I am just thrilled with my new smile. I feel so much better about myself now that I have a younger looking smile. I am glad I found the cosmetic experts at Life Smiles.”
– Yvonne B.

“I used to be so embarrassed by my old smile that I would cover my mouth when I laughed. My new smile allows me to really be myself once again. I just wish I had fixed my smile a long time ago. I am so happy that I have my smile again.”
– Raj S.

“I was a total mess before I found Dr. Schwarcz. I was so afraid to go to the dentist that I let myself end up a complete dental disaster. My self esteem was non existent, I felt just terrible about myself because of how I let myself get into this problem.
Once I found out that the Doctors at Life Smiles could give me medication that would completely take care of my anxiety and fears, I was able to get myself to go in and talk the staff about options that might help me. They explained everything in detail, were reasonable with the fees and I felt comfortable knowing they were sincerely interested in making sure everything went smoothly and comfortably for me.”
– Karen B.

” I absolutely love my new teeth. My old smile was so embarrassing I did not want to smile. Now I can’t stop smiling!”
– Louise

“Since I completed my whitening and dental care. I can not stop smiling. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. The Doctor and staff were fantastic. My confidence and self esteem are so much better now that I’m not embarrassed about my smile. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schwarcz to my family and friends.”
– Jackie J.

“I am happy to highly recommend Dr. Schwarcz. The care I received was excellent. Not only was I totally comfortable during the treatment, I actually slept through most of the procedure with their comfortable Sedation Method of treatment. The results are fabulous.
I can’t stop smiling. My new veneers have given me a whole new confidence in myself. I am doing better at being who I really am, me, because I am no longer embarrassed about myself. You should check out Life Smiles. They’re really good!”
– Verna S.

“I can not tell you how much I like my new teeth. I had dentures before but they never were comfortable and they did not look real. In fact, I usually took them out to eat because they would hurt me to chew with them. I heard about Dr. Schwarcz, and made an appointment for a consultation.
I was impressed with the office and the entire staff. The office was very modern and clean and I felt comfortable right away. Now with my new implant supported dentures I can eat anything I want and I never have to take out my dentures to eat. I absolutely love my implants and dentures and I highly recommend Dr. Schwarcz and his staff for anyone who wants to improve in the quality of your life.”
– William B.

“I can’t say enough about the excellent treatment that I received at Life Smiles. The staff were great, the doctors were fantastic and the results were every bit as nice as I expected. I highly recommend this office for anyone needing implants and cosmetic dentistry.”
– Dave W.