This common scenario is all too often on a patient’s mind when they are told they need dental treatment. Does it pay to shop around and try to find a lower cost office? Can one find the same level of quality dentistry at a lower price? What are the risks to the patient when they search out the lower cost office and doctors? Aren’t all doctors the same? If a doctor has a license and a dental degree does that make them competent? How can one tell if a doctor will do a good job? What choices does a patient have when they can’t afford the necessary dental treatment that their dentist recommended?

This article will try to answer these questions, and shed some light on this type of situation that many people find themselves in with this difficult economy that we are in.

It is understandable in this economy that people want to save money; however, most people do want to get low quality dental care. In most cases, it is just not possible to get the same results for less cost. High quality dental staff do not work for low wages, high quality dentists do not work for low salaries, and high quality labs do not work for low fees. In order to use the best materials, techniques and equipment a dental office must charge reasonable fees. It is just not likely that one can get more quality dentistry for a lower cost.

In most cases, it may be dangerous to your dental health to search out lower cost dental care. Any office that would be willing to deliver dental care at less costly fees could only be doing so by cutting many corners. There is likely a less qualified dentist doing the work along with lower trained staff and labs. Was the dentist trained in a respected University? Were they trained in America? Most foreign dental schools are inferior, in our opinion. Many office that cut prices and corners are sending your lab work out of the country. Foreign labs do not have to use the same high quality materials we do.

You are always better off pursuing high quality dental health care. We do an excellent job at San Pablo Dental Care at making high quality dental care affordable. We can not make high quality care cheap but we do offer many different payment plans that allow you get high quality care at an affordable price. We bring excellent service and care, by very highly trained doctors, to you without breaking your budget. We never compromise the quality of care, but we do work very hard to make the treatment plan and costs of dental care match your budget.