It is becoming more popular to take “dental vacations” where one goes to foreign countries to receive dental care. Often this is when someone needs more expensive or complex treatment. Many times the fees in countries such as Romania, Mexico or the Philippines can be 50% to 75% less than in the U.S. Is it “worth it” to do this? We believe the answer is definitely NO. Not only is the training level of the doctor substantially less than the U.S. levels, but the risk of complications is dramatically higher. Complex dental treatment can have inherently higher levels of risk of complications. The ability of the doctor to successfully manage complications is directly tied to the level and quality of the Doctor’s training. The risk of a negative outcome is high when being treated
in a foreign country. That can result in disfigurement, chronic pain or inability to adequately chew. The saying “Penny wise and pound foolish” applies to many situations in life but never more so than foreign “Dental vacations.” At Lifesmiles Implant Center we have to do corrective surgeries or completely redo previous foreign dental implant treatments on a regular basis. We see first hand the damage that can occur when one prioritizes cost over quality of care.

What would a reasonable alternative be for someone who needs either a large amount dental care or has a complex case that is expensive? What can one do that does not reduce the quality of care but that can help make the dental care more affordable? Here are some ideas that one can consider that would not necessarily lower the quality of care or increase the risk of complications.

1. Get a second or third opinion from a quality and experienced dentist. How can one know if the dentist is well trained and delivers quality care? Ask your dentist for a referral. Do not be embarrassed to ask this question. If your dentist appears uneasy or unwilling to help you get a second opinion then you should find a new dentist.
Bona fide credentials are also a helpful way to determine if a dentist or surgeon is well trained. The best credentials in implant training are from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). In order to gain these prestigious credentials one must pass a series of rigorous written and oral exams. Be sure that any dentist from whom you intend to seek a second opinion has these credentials. Just because a dentist lists “implants” on his office door or yellow page ad, that does not make him or her a qualified implant specialist. Dr. Schwarcz holds these prestigious credentials from the AAID.

2. Another safe way to achieve high quality but affordable implant dental care is to explore monthly payment plans. There are a variety of plans available that can make dental care more affordable. Ask
us about the payment plans that we offer at Lifesmiles Implant and Sedation Center.

3. Lastly, many times complex dental treatment can be done in phases. We can frequently stage or time the delivery of dental care over 2 or more years. This can also be helpful at maximizing your dental insurance. We are always happy to review your individual circumstances and guide you towards a successful plan that will in most cases make complex dental implant care affordable for you.

If you have been holding off on your dental care due to budget reasons give us a call and let us help you find a way to make your dental care affordable.